6 Ways You can Support Susan

Phones & Doors

Join the groups of volunteers out knocking doors and making phone calls to voters on Susan’s behalf. This is important work for our grassroots campaign. Signup Here.

Endorse Susan

A long list of public endorsements is actually more important than you might think. Takes just a second.

Lawn Signs

While lawn signs have no effect for November elections, they have been shown to help in spring elections. You request it and we’ll deliver and install it.

Contribute to Susan

The only way we can let the voters know about Susan’s incredible experience is by spending money on mailings, radio, TV, and social media. It all costs money and the other candidate has vowed to spend a lot of her personal wealth.

Share on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are becoming more important for successful campaigns. Start by following the facebook campaign page and then share, like, and comment on our posts so your friends will know about Susan.


Volunteers are what drive this campaign. From the videography to this website and delivering lawn signs, it all depends on help from people like you. Please let us know how you can help.

An important Facebook setting

Go to the campaign facebook page and click on the “Following” button. Then change it from default to SEE FIRST. Otherwise, Facebook won’t show you many of the campaign posts.