7 Ways to be a Super Supporter

  1. Endorse Susan. A long list of public endorsements is actually more important than you might think. Takes just a second.
  2. Contribute to Susan. The only way we can let the voters know about Susan’s incredible experience is by spending money on mailings, radio, TV, and social media. It all costs money and MT is willing to spend a lot.
  3. Put up a lawn sign.
  4. Follow us on Facebook and make sure you update your settings as seen below. Otherwise Facebook will hide updates from you.
  5. Share, comment, and like the campaign posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In the world of social media, sharing posts is rocket fuel 🚀, comments are 🎊, and likes are 👍.
  6. Post on your social media about Susan. Here are some examples.
  7. Email your friends (VoterCircle?) and get 10 of them to endorse Susan.


An important Facebook setting

Go to the campaign facebook page and click on the Following button. Then change it from default to See First is the option you should select.