Retired Dane County Judges Endorse Susan Crawford for Judge

15 Retired Dane County Judges have endorsed in this election. All 15 have endorsed Susan.

  • Angela B Bartell
  • Mark A Frankel
  • Daniel Moeser
  • Michael N Nowakowski
  • Susan R Steingass
  • Robert A Dechambeau
  • Gerald C Nichol
  • C William Foust
  • Maryann Sumi
  • John Albert
  • David Flanagan
  • Diane M Nicks
  • James Martin
  • Amy Smith
  • John Markson

Statement from Retired Dane County Judges

We endorse Susan Crawford for election as judge for Dane County Circuit Court, Branch 1. Susan has broad legal experience. She has litigated numerous civil cases in Dane County courtrooms involving far-reaching issues and has argued several cases in the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

As an Assistant Attorney General at the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Susan handled hundreds of criminal cases. She worked to reduce racial disparities and recidivism in the corrections system and chaired Governor Doyle’s pardon board.

Courtroom experience sets the candidates in this race apart. The other candidate has little experience in Dane County courtrooms.

Branch 1 of the circuit court is assigned a high volume of serious criminal cases. The person we elect must be ready to preside over criminal trials and sentencing. As former Dane County judges, we believe Susan Crawford is the only candidate prepared for the job. Susan is experienced, hard-working and dedicated to equal justice.

Retired Dane County Judges John Markson, Angela Bartell, Robert DeChambeau, David Flanagan, Mark Frankel, Michael Nowakowski, Diane Sorensen, Susan Steingass, John Albert, and Gerald Nichol also endorse Susan Crawford and share our views.

Please vote for Susan Crawford on April 3.

Judges Maryann Sumi, Bill Foust, and Dan Moeser, et al
Retired Dane County Judges