Join the majority of Dane County judges, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi, Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, and hundreds of community leaders in electing Susan Crawford as Dane County Judge on April 3rd.

Susan Crawford shares my commitment to the constitutional guarantees of equality, fairness, and justice for all. She will be an important ally on the Court in confronting and eliminating racial disparities in the justice system.

I strongly urge you to join me in voting for her on April 3.

Judge Everett Mitchell
Dane County Circuit Court

I have admired Susan Crawford’s legal abilities for over 20 years. Susan is smart, compassionate, and hard working, with vast experience in both civil and criminal law.

Susan is exactly the type of person we want serving as a judge, and is an investment in our future.

Judge Jill Karofsky
Dane County Circuit Court

First as Attorney General and again as Governor, I hired and promoted Susan Crawford to take on tough jobs, from overseeing a massive criminal caseload as an Assistant Attorney General and criminal appeals director, to serving as my Chief Legal Counsel in the Governor’s Office. Susan is an exceptional lawyer who rises to every challenge with intellect, perseverance, and common sense. Susan will be an outstanding judge for the people of Dane County.

Jim Doyle
Former Governor

As a former Assistant Attorney General, Susan Crawford understands the complexities of the criminal justice system. She knows that in order to keep our communities safe we need to work harder upstream to tackle the conditions that lead to crime. As our next Dane County judge, she’ll insure victim’s rights are respected and seek solutions that hold people accountable and address the root causes of crime.

Joe Parisi
Dane County Executive

As your former County Executive, and as a lawyer myself, I know first-hand how important our judges are to protect our rights. Susan Crawford has devoted her career to doing exactly that. Her work at the Pines Bach law firm taking on powerful interests, her work at the DNR protecting our natural resources, and her work at the Wisconsin Department of Justice will make her a great judge, serving all of us. I urge you to support Susan.

Kathleen Falk
Former Dane County Executive

I’ve known Susan Crawford for over ten years. She is not only a brilliant lawyer, but a kind, compassionate person with common sense and integrity.

Susan will be a great judge with a commitment to justice for all.

Charles Tubbs, Sr.
Former Capitol Police Chief

Susan Crawford’s broad experience in civil litigation, criminal law, and public service will be a valuable addition to the Dane County Circuit Court. Her history of hard work, sound judgment, civility, and integrity have earned her the respect of lawyers and judges throughout the state. I am pleased to endorse her candidacy.

Judge Richard Niess
Dane County Circuit Court, Branch 9

Susan Crawford has an exceptionally broad legal background gained from both private practice and public service. Her deep knowledge of criminal law, acquired from handling hundreds of felony cases as an Assistant Attorney General, is a critical asset for an incoming judge who will serve a primarily criminal caseload. She has my enthusiastic endorsement.

Judge Bill Hanrahan
Dane County Circuit Court, Branch 7

I cannot imagine a person more suited to be a circuit court judge than Susan Crawford. She has wide ranging legal experience and outstanding judgment. Susan is thoughtful and deliberate, treats everyone with courtesy and respect, and has the temperament all judges should possess. I have often referred to her as ‘the brilliant and unflappable Susan Crawford.’ She has my unqualified endorsement to be our next Dane County Circuit Court judge.

Lester Pines
Partner, Pines Bach

I enthusiastically support Susan Crawford for judge.

Her background in civil litigation, criminal law, and public service will be an asset on the bench as she pushes for the innovation and reform needed to improve the justice system for all Dane County residents.

Maurice Cheeks
Madison Alder

Susan Crawford is the clear choice for Dane County’s next circuit court judge. Susan is a strong advocate for treatment courts and programs to divert non-violent offenders from jail.

Electing Susan is an investment in reforming our criminal justice system and an investment in Dane County’s future.

Sheriff Dave Mahoney
Dane County Sheriff

I am endorsing Susan Crawford because I know she will uphold the constitution, protect individual rights, and serve as a check on the other branches of government. That’s what she has done as a lawyer.

To achieve criminal justice reform, we need judges like Susan on the bench.

Ismael Ozanne
Dane County District Attorney

Susan’s experience in handling such a high volume of cases at the Wisconsin Department of Justice gives me confidence she understands the court system.

Her relentless efforts fighting for voting rights, health care access, open government and worker’s rights gives me confidence in her values.

Shiva Bidar
Madison Alder